Discover No.11

We know that without fantastic suppliers, we can’t have fantastic coffee. That’s why we go the extra mile when sourcing ours. 

All of our coffee is fair trade, but while searching for the perfect cuppa we found something a little special. Our ethical range comes from small producers and can be traced through the supply chain. 

Whether you’re after your coffee on the way to work, are just passing through, or meeting friends for lunch, we’re right here in the village with treats galore.

Family & Community

Community Linked

Our family have lived in the Uffculme for over 30 years and proud to call it our home. 

Family Friendly

With portion sizes suitable for adults and little ones.

We also have space set aside for buggies and prams.

Assistance Dogs

We love pets, but we regret we can’t provide for your pooches. Sorry! We do of course make exceptions for assistance dogs. 

Waist not, want not…

We believe in good, honest sized portions, but if you think we’ve scrimped on the cream a little, just tell us, we try to avoid wastage where possible and base our portion sizes on what we think we could manage, doing this means we send far less to waste, equally, if you can’t finish that lovely Victoria Sponge, you can enjoy it all over again when you get home, just ask us to box it up for you.

We can also do half portions for the little ones. ​